Colour - hythamsafieh

The Salamander (my own designation)

Yet another beautiful area around Cygnus that many seem to neglect and I fail to understand why.

What I particularly love about this little gem is the high concentration of LBN, and LDN objects, but two objects that are not very well known that I find so bloody fascinating are: V1331 Cyg and GN 21.00.7 which is also known as HH 1051.

V1331 Cyg is an extraordinary object because it is (or was) classified as a Young Stellar Object (YSO) meaning it is in the early stages of a star's evolution with a clearly defined protoplanetary disk! So even more intriguing... we have a view of the object's pole giving us an unprecedented view to study the early life of a star and the potential to search for the early stages of planet creation. Amazing.

HH 1051 is an example of a very young star that is associated with areas of nebulosity and are created when gas ejected by the young star collides with clouds of nearby gas and dust at high rates of speed.*

*adapted from Wikipedia

Scope: Tak FSQ 106 EDXIII
Mount: Astro-Physics
Camera: FLI ML16803
Filter(s): Astrodon LRGB
FL: F5 @530mm
Software: PixInsight 1.8RC7, SGP Pro
Integration Time: 10.25h
Lum: 12 x 1200s (4.25h)
RGB: 8 x 900s each (6h total)